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Ease Relief and Other Ways to Help Digestive Cramping

Ease Relief and Other Ways to Help Digestive Cramping

There are many times that we experience digestive cramping and it doesn’t always mean something is wrong. Rather, it can just mean that the digestive system is actively working. Take gas as an example, eating more vegetables (high in fiber) can actually lead to more gas because vegetables themselves release natural gasses while they are in the stomach. Because we know vegetables are good and healthy for us, accepting some light gas is the trade we make! That of course doesn’t mean though, that gas comes without its own discomfort and occasionally pain as it passes through. Gas, stool, and the menstrual cycle are all parts of the digestive system that may be occasionally painful even when something isn’t wrong.

So, without a health risk or dangerous problem to treat, what options are there for relieving some of the naturally uncomfortable parts of abdominal cramping? Well, Ease is a great place to start!

Ease is a tool that is used to auto-stimulate the bowels and to get stool to pass out of the body. Great when dealing with constipation or even when you just want to make sure your stool passes easily, Ease will get the job done by minimizing the discomfort and time you’ll spend on the toilet. When wanting to use Ease for constipation, you’ll first locate the narrow end of Ease. Next, place the narrow end about 2-3 finger widths below your navel. Then, press the tool firmly into that spot (acupressure point CV6) and hold it for 1-3 minutes. You can lightly move the tool in circles if that is most comfortable for you, and when you’re finished simply remove the tool. In no time at all the acupressure point that has been activated will send messages throughout your digestive system and will actually cause you to have a bowel movement! It’s that simple and should instantly help with aches due to constipation. Stimulating CV6 will also help with menstrual cramping, bloating, and an array of lower abdominal pains.

Ease can dually treat abdominal cramping, such as menstrual cramping or bloating, by targeting a second set of acupoints. First, you'll want to locate the flat side of Ease (opposite of the narrow end). Next, press Ease horizontally onto your navel. Making sure it is center over the navel, you will then access acupressure point ST25 (located 2 finger widths on both sides of the navel) and again apply pressure for 1-3 minutes. As you activate ST25, your cramping will diminish and you will instantly feel relief. 

It is always smart to tackle issues with more than one approach so here are a few options that can help digestive cramping:

  • Heating pads: Great for menstrual cramps and incredibly helpful with stomach and back cramps, heating pads do wonders for soothing an aching system. 
  • Circular movements: Using your hands or Ease, gently massaging your stomach in small circular motions has shown to relieve pain in the abdominal area and can help you to pass gas trapped higher up.
  • Water: This is the one that you will always see come up because it is 100% true. Drinking enough water can aid in healthy, solid stools, it can dilute stomach acid (helping to prevent heartburn and cramping), and it will lubricate all of the parts of the digestive system that have consistent movement in them.