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The Relationship Between Acupressure and Gut Health

The Relationship Between Acupressure and Gut Health

Acupressure is a medical practice that involves the use of pressure on precise points of the body to relieve pain symptoms, to cause natural reactions that contribute to the health of the body, and ultimately to make a person feel better––in whatever aspect that may be for them. 

Acupressure relies on the same philosophy that acupuncture does, though acupressure is less invasive and in many cases can be done safely at home with special tools and maneuvers. Ease is an example of a tool that is bringing acupressure practice into the limelight of ways to help yourself.

Acupressure has existed for many years and comes from traditional Chinese medicine. With a focus on the body’s energy, acupressure is aimed towards utilizing important spots on the body that have been identified as lying on the body’s “meridians.” Meridians are invisible pathways that flow within the body. There are at least 14 of them and they act as a road map for finding acupoints that can be stimulated and used for healing. When it comes to gut health and the digestive system, there are a slew of acupressure points that have been studied and shown to improve many gut ailments.

The digestive system is a very intricate, complicated, and touchy system. There is a large scale of variance on how the system differs in each person’s body. You’ve likely learned this through experience; perhaps you suffer from constipation when you consume dairy but your siblings don’t, or maybe your constipation isn’t something you’ve been able to attribute a cause to just yet but it happens more often than it should. We also experience digestive changes as we age, during a menstrual cycle, when we don’t get enough sleep, and especially when our diet changes.

It can be incredibly difficult to locate root causes of digestive issues and even more difficult to find consistent, long-lasting solutions that rid the issue completely. Therefore, many are left to instead search for symptom relievers. This is where acupressure comes in. 

When dealing with gut health, there are several remedies to help relieve constipation and bloating issues, such as probiotics, laxatives, and other over-the-counter medications. Many find it difficult to find the right supplement for them because anything ingested into the body, then gets digested through the body, and often brings unwanted side effects along with it. Laxatives can lead to dehydration and cause cramping, though on a case-to-case basis they may be necessary. Still, there is a significant need in the market right now for a non-medicinal, easy-to-use, effective solution to the aches and pains of constipation. Here we introduce: Ease.

Ease is a small, handheld tool that is used to activate two acupressure points in the abdomen that relieve constipation, bloating pains, cramping, and more. No foreign substance has to be introduced to the stomach, instead, Ease stimulates the body in a 100% natural, safe way that offers instantaneous relief without all of the headache that can accompany finding supplements.

When using Ease, our main focus is on two acupoints on the stomach: CV6 and ST25. CV6, known as “The Poop Button” and “Qihai,” is one of the most important acupoints on the body because it can target a variety of symptoms and aid in improving sleep, promoting blood circulation, and strengthening digestion. When Ease is pressed into CV6 (located 2-3 finger widths below the navel) the body responds by activating the digestive system and helping to move stool out of the body. This proves incredibly helpful when you are dealing with troublesome constipation or irregular bowel movements.

ST25 (located 2 finger widths on both sides of the navel), holds similar abilities as CV6 and also helps in decreasing stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, and bloating. When Ease is pressed into ST25, the body responds by reducing pain connected to the acupoints and offers you immediate relief.

Acupressure is a trusted practice that has existed for centuries. Since its origin, gut health has been uniquely studied and tangled with the practice. This means that we have had years to learn, craft, and perfect tools that draw upon the long-standing traditional Chinese practice. With all of this knowledge, science, and experience, we have brought you Ease so that you can finally have something that works just for you..