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The New Menstrual Relief Option You Should Try

The New Menstrual Relief Option You Should Try

What are your current treatments for menstrual pain and cramping? Do you get in a hot bath? Use a heating pad? Are you clutching the ibuprofen so tightly in your hands that the bottle is on the verge of busting? We’ve been there. Menstrual pains can range from nonexistent, to lightly bothersome, to absolutely crippling. Depending where you may fall on the spectrum, month-to-month symptoms can have you desperately seeking a pain reliever that actually puts a stop to the incessant twisting of your uterus. Well, a woman just invented one. 

Ease is a lightweight, easy-to-grasp device that is held in the hands and pressed against the abdomen. Made of recycled plastics, Ease is built to last a long time and to be a consistent companion for your monthly period needs. Every centimeter of the device was intentionally designed so that each user can get relief, every time they use it. Created by a woman, for women, Ease is the groundbreaking tool that can “ease” cramping instantly.

How does it work?

Through research and use, we found that because of Ease’s unique shape, size, and features, it can comfortably be pressed into a number of acupressure points that help a wide array of digestive issue symptoms. Particularly, Ease alleviates cramps during a menstrual cycle by applying pressure to certain pain-relieving acupoints located on the abdomen. It can also be used to relieve symptoms like bloating––which we all know too often accompanies our period. ST25 are two acupressure points located approximately two finger-widths on both sides of the navel, while CV6 is an acupoint located 2-3 finger widths below the navel. These two acupoints are the focus of Ease’s use. When activated, these points have a wide array of effects that can immediately relieve pains from your menstrual cycle, menstrual abnormalities, and can also relieve constipation symptoms that often accompany your period.

How do I use it?

When using Ease, the small point, or head, is perfect for stimulating CV6, while the flat, opposite end is perfect for accessing ST25 by placing Ease directly over the navel, horizontally. The length of Ease reaches both ST25 points, allowing you to start initiating immediate relief. When using Ease on either ST25 or CV6, firmly press Ease into the abdomen for 1 to 3 minutes. Begin by putting Ease flush with the skin, targeting the acupoint you need, and then slowly apply pressure until there is a natural resistance. Your best judgment for your own body is key. After 1-3 minutes, remove Ease slowly away from the abdomen and note the results. For menstrual pain especially, Ease can be used to massage in gentle motions while applying pressure. Find the rhythm and technique that works best for your body!