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The Ease Mission

The Ease Mission

The Ease handheld device was invented by Kristi Jones, making the Ease business proudly woman-owned and operated. Kristi invented the acupressure tool after experiencing constipation and the pains that can accompany bowel movements. In her search for a natural treatment option, Kristi researched acupressure and learned that the alternative medicine technique has been studied and used for more than 5,000 years. Believed to have originated in China, acupressure has a plethora of uses and treats many symptoms that range from pain to nausea, tension to constipation, and more. After finding unlimited resources of pain-relieving practices, Kristi set out to design a tool that can specifically target acupoints CV6 and ST25, the acupoints that most effectively relieve abdominal pains and digestive issues.

Once the design was perfected and Ease was created, Kristi went the extra step to create an environmentally conscious product. All Ease devices are made of recycled materials, and made in the United States. The intention of sharing the Ease product is to bring natural pain relief into your home and to put the power over your symptoms in your own hands. There are medicine-free methods of treating uncomfortable symptoms and Ease is the easiest one that can be in your hands immediately!

Ease gives users the power to have painless digestion and a safe, easy method for treating their pain that is not addictive, dangerous, or difficult to maintain. It is a product created with pure intentions, backed by research, and actually used by its inventor.

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