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What Are CV6 and ST25?

What Are CV6 and ST25?

In Ease’s informational materials, you will often see these two terms used: CV6 and ST25. Both are acupressure points that are located on the abdomen, each relieving a variety of symptoms when activated. When using Ease, you want to target these points with applied pressure to get the maximum benefits of the device. Here’s how to find them:


CV6 is located 2-3 finger widths below the navel. This acupoint is sometimes referred to as “The Poop Button,” and is traditionally known as “Qihai.” CV6 is an incredibly powerful point on the body that gives access to relieving constipation, improving sleep, strengthening overall digestion, and even promoting blood circulation. CV6 has the ability to cause a natural response in the body that flushes out stool, quickly helping you have a bowel movement that is easier and less painful. To get any and all of these benefits, simply press the small side of ease (the tip) into CV6 with firm pressure.


ST25 is located 2 finger widths on both sides of the navel. The two points on either side hold a variety of uses that can relieve symptoms of the menstrual cycle, abdominal bloating, and even stomach cramps. When Ease is pressed into ST25, the body responds by reducing pain connected to the acupoints and offering immediate relief. To get these benefits, press the long side of Ease (opposite of the tip) directly over the navel in a horizontal position. Apply firm pressure until the pain and discomfort in the area melts away.