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Backed by doctors, EaseTM helps alleviate uncomfortable digestive and menstrual symptoms in minutes. Unlike anything else on the market, Ease will get your digestive tract moving without medication or laxatives.


Menstrual Pain


Abdominal Pain


How It Works

Ease helps relieve symptoms of constipation, PMS, gas, bloating, and abdominal pain by activating acupressure points on the stomach. The acupoints provide instant relief when Ease is pressed into them in the proper way.

Here’s how to use it: In order to target acupoints ST25, firmly press the large end of Ease centered over the belly button for 1-3 minutes. This will activate both points, located 2 finger widths on each side of the navel. In order to target acupoint CV6, simply press the small end of Ease 2-3 finger widths beneath the belly button for 1-3 minutes.

Meet Ease.

Ease is your easy access pass to acupressure points located on your belly. Designed to allow simultaneous pressure on both ST25 points, or on acupoint CV6 (your “Poop Button”), Ease puts the power in your hands to initiate rapid relief in your body.

With a fully natural approach, Ease allows you to relieve pains, constipation, and discomfort efficiently anywhere that you need—including the comfort of your own home, or the discomfort of a roadside bathroom. Take it with you and go when you need to!